X-factor, Nicole Scherzinger e.c.t

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of the X-factor. UK singing talent shows are hopeless wastes of time and money. I prefer foreign versions – Tom Dice, AKA Tom Eeckhout, was runner up in the Belgian version of the X-factor and 6th place in Eurovision 2010; he writes his own songs in English, he plays his own instruments and is a great performer, and even to an extent, American idol is pretty good. It’s the cousin of the original UK Pop idol which later became the X-factor, and has produced some great music talents that I thoroughly enjoy listening too. But really, UK X-factor is a load of twaddle. And now they are importing the likes of Nicole Scherzinger onto the show.

 Now, before I go any further, I hate Nicole Scherzinger, she is annoying, untalented and a bad influence. The songs she sings are aimed a tweens, and yet she dances around stage in provoactive outfits, forgetting that young girls watch this and look up to her, and then they think its alright to dress that way because of how they see her. And also, it pisses me of when she is stood of the F1 circuit next to her boyfriends car, when I or someone WITH talent and has spent thousands on university and studied and put lots of hard work to get into the industry, and then the FIA caps the number of people allowed on the circuit pre-race, and her ass pointlessly and selfishly takes up one of them places, instead of the talented people that should be there. Martin Brundell asked her a couple of questions once about how she thoughly Lewis would do and she was like ‘eeeerrrr…..uuuummmm…..he has a good car’. Maybe if you tried wacking her round the head with a baseball bat, she might get some sense knocked into her, and go sit where the rest of the ‘F1 WAGs’ sit – in the stands like everyone else. She might try commenting on the weather and how it will affect tyre choice or the wind speed or the upgrades next time she is asked, then just maybe, she might gain some credibility.

She really does think she is the bees knees though, but this poll http://uk.tv.yahoo.com/poll_results.html shows she is the least popular X-factor judge, so prehaps she might like to reconsider her position in society. Geri Hallliwell – British pop ledgend. Katie Perry – worldwide pop ledgend. Natalie Imbruglia – Austalian pop ledgend. Pixie Lott – upcoming pop ledgend, who has done pretty good for herself in the short time she has been around. Nicole Scherzinger can’t even hold a band together, and doesn’t seem to give up either, despite failing many times. Does she even realise there are other people in the band – as a person, she is too dominant making her selfish, self centered, ignorant and senseless, which ultimately leads to the band falling apart. I believe the rumours that her brief split with Lewis was because she wanted to persue her career rather than support ‘her love’. She has underlying characteristics that are her fatal flaws and that really makes for bad success.

Ultimately, can she get off TV and go do something useful. Strong alpha personality, favorability of provoactive dress sense – hmmmm, well one job comes to mind, i bet she could earn millions too – dominatrix. haha.


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