EWs Sexiest Beast: The Final Showdown

Tomorrow, the winner is announced. Its close competition between the two candidates, and the last time I checked, it was about 50.27% to one, and 49.73% to the other. Its going to be about a percent either way, so very very close in other words. I can confirm that the last time I checked, Mr Somerhalder was edging into the lead, however, we cannot doubt the power of Twilight fans so at the moment, its anyones guess.

Ian Somerhalder, 31 from Louisiana

> Actor

 > Model

 > Producer

 > Nature Activist

 > Creditable roles include Boone Carlyle in the Oscar winning series Lost and Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaires

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–

Robert Pattinson, 23 from London

> Actor

 > Musician

 > Producer

 > Model

 > Creditable Roles include Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga and Cedric Diggory in the Oscar nominated film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Good Luck to both candidates!


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