Molte Grazie Sexiest Beast: Round 1

Entertainment Weekly did it, now Molte Grazie will do it, because EW is for Americans. Molte Grazie is for the world, or technically, anyone who has internet access!

Its going to work differently though – instead of having two aginst each other and knocking one out constantly, the polls will open, of the fifty-five initial candidates, the top fifteen will go through (the fifteen with the highest percentage of votes). Then of those fifteen, five will go through to the final. Then from them five, one will be chosen to be your winner.
You have ten choices on the first round, so get voting! The results are private – I will announce the top fifteen in one week!
On the second round, you will have five choices and in the final round just one choice, with a week voting per round. If there are multiple candidates for one place in any round, a quick poll will be released to determine who gets that place – if the results are still even, then all the candidates for the place will go through.

GET VOTING NOW!!!!! You do not have to use all your ten choices, so bear this in mind if you only want to vote for one or five of three or seven or however many you want!

Just to reiterate – you can select up to ten people! Some voters didn’t realise, so just to remind you – you have ten votes and you can use as many or as few of them!

Polls opened September 6th

Polls close September 13th


2 Responses to “Molte Grazie Sexiest Beast: Round 1”
  1. says:

    Good luck with the blog (Natalie Portman from V <3)

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