The Vampire Diaries Season Two Premier: The Review

Season two premiered on the CW last night (9/9/2010) in the USA. If you missed it however, or you are simply British, then you can view it on the CW website (although, as of yet, it has not added ‘the return’), or it is available to download from the iTunes store priced at £1.89/$1.99 for SD or £2.49/$2.99 for HD.

Anyway, here are my two reviews of the premier: One for those who want minimal info, and one for those who want a little bit more info. Plus scroll down even more if you want some screenshots from the new epsiode!


I was initially tempted to stay preview celbate, but I failed, and I tried to not read the episode review on Wikipedia, but I failed at that too. However, for those of you who don’t want to know anything and have managed to stay away from all temption until you can see the full episode, let me tell you this – the premier is amazing! It starts just before the end of the last episode, so we see John get his fingers chopped of, and Elena come home and walk into the kitchen, which is where season one ends. We already know the Kat is well and truly out of the bag – Katherine chopping John’s fingers off made us very sure of that, and its certain there is going to be no lack of her during the series, and Nina is mind blowingly good at playing her too. Its definitely not to be missed!


If you read the first part, you’ll know I coudn’t resist the lure of a teaser and the wikipedia review, so when I watched this, I had a clue as to what was going to happen, but it was still wickedly awsome! So we start just before the end – it basically just re-runs a slightly cut down final scene with John and Katherine in the kitchen, then Elena walks in and it follows on from there. Talking of John, many are curious to know his fate, well, he happens to drink a certain type of blood and leaves town sharply afterwards, so make of that what you will, because I’m keeping tight lipped on all the secrets of the episode! As for Katherine, well the bitch is back,  as selfish as ever and set to reak havoc on the town. The death of Mayor Lockwood has stirred up the town – paticularly as to why he responded to the vampire killer, and his ‘wake’ (an event where the whole town gather at the Lockwoods house to mourn him – we find out this also happened at the Gilberts when they died – an old town tradition), becomes more interesting than usual,  not only marking the return of a new character – Tylers uncle, but of course, Katherine shows up, and Tyler invites her in, allowing her to wreack her havoc. Bonnie find out about her, and she attacks her, and then she attacks Stefan, sonfessing her love for him, although, Stefan isn’t too pleased about this. Carolines fate is also in the balance, but her fate still remains a mystery by the end of the episode. And good old Jeremy, well Elena sheds a few tears over him and thats all I can say regarding him. Damon is still wickedly infatuated with Elena, even though she remains solid on her commitment to Stefan.

All in all a great episode, unmissable and it leaves you craving for more. I feel like this episode is much more grown up – less teen angst compared to last season, so for me, an absolute winner!


‘The Return’ episode stills


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