Thought is a mediocre process…

Yes, it really is. I haven’t really got much up here at the moment, and truth be told, its because I can’t be arsed to not sleep for five les minutes. I have a whole train if winging and shizzle to post, but I cannot, for the life of me, be arsed to write the finishing sentence, spell check, shove in a few picture and click publish and then forget to set an featured image and tag lots. It really does take about five minutes to do all that, but sleep is a vital human need, and one of the only things we cannot survive without; if you were stuck on a deserted island with nothing, you need to sleep would be greater than your need for food and water. You would probabaly die from exhaustion due to lack of sleep before death by starvation or dehydration.

Anyway, ultimately, though makes you tired and I can’t finish posts, which is why I have slacked recently. Its not great is it.

So, my action plan is this. Finish my posts – I have a few reviews coming up, a few rants about Cheryl Cole and racism and I HAVE to have a bitch at Ferrari somewhere in there, although that will probabaly come first. You see, to me, blogging is like art – you can only do it when the mood takes you. I wanted to rant at Ms Cole because of an article in a paper, and although my view may well be long term, my passion for expressing it was only short term, but I shall soldier on. I like to write too, and I find I will start writing something, get into it, then turn really tired and stop and the cannot be bothed again, but hopefully, I can get some writing up – right now I’m really digging the whole vampires thing – The Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Twilight (in that order of epicness from most to least) are geniuses, and i really have gotten into writing about them when I can be bothered. I suppose for me, I want to try and justify vampires more as a potential living thing. I’m into physics, I ‘proper’ dig it, and for me, I can’t really get engrossed into these vampire things as much as I would want to (although this probabaly isn’t a bad thing), purely because it isn’t physically possible, and i suppose i want to make it beleivable. I think humans paticularly crave the supernatural – things like vampires and wizards and aliens – because they are outside of what we consider normal, something interesting, and our natural curiosity and natural selfish instincts (survival of the fittest), makes us crave after these beings, so when well written and popular stories like Harry Potter, Twilight and Distict 9 (which I watched on sky this morning, having never seen it before, and it was amazing, although if they had better CGI, it would be OMG on a screen), people naturally flood over them. There was a boom of supernatural at the begining of the 90’s, but I think with better CGI, the craze is set to stay well into the 2000’s.


Waffle over. Now time for the serious stuff…..ish

Today is a very important day. It marks the 9th aniversary of the September 11th crashes, so on behalf of Molte Grazie, prayers go out to those affected by the terrible event, in which America did not just loose a few buildings and make a few statistics, the world lost alot of people from many nations. What is unique about September 11th is that those who lost their lives were not just statistics. Every person counted, and in huge disaters like that, it is rare to see such a high death count where those involved do not just become statistics, that every person counted. My prayers are with their families and friends at this time.

A huge relative news story has been the mosque being built near level 0. Personally I think it is sick of the muslim people to so selfishly want to build a mosque near the grave of thousands of innocent people who lost their lives because of Islam. As christians, it is our duty to stop those who defy our religion, so why the hell can Muslims not do that? They are very capable, and deserve to burn in hell for wanting a mosque so close to such a place. The Quran should be burnt, but in doing so, it would only make the people burning them as bad as they were (well probabaly not actually, but burning a few muslims might do). Building a mosque is not going to help the greiving friends and family as we draw ever closer to the 10th aniversary, and yet what suprises me, is that American muslims were called upon to support the greiving families. Go build it a mile away or something, because its going to feel pretty shit when greivers visit the site and hear the bloody prayer calls. They can build it anywhere else in New York, except around ground 0. I don’t care if lots of muslims live there. If American christians flew planes into the Taj Mahal, and built a church right near it, it bet the muslims would be a bit pissed off. It just disrespectful. Its like driving a Lamborghini round Enzo Ferrari’s grave. And I genuinely don’t want to hate muslims, because for 99% of them, it wasn’t anythign to do with them, but as a religious group, they do occasionally piss me off because they have a shit fit for no reason – its like that danish cartoonist who drew Prophet Muhammed – there were riots in London and police hurt and we didn’t even do a single bloody thing wrong. I don’t want to hate them, but sometimes they can be a very selfish, self centered, unthoughful group of people (who can’t take a joke when it comes to Danish comedy cartoons). I got nearly full marks in my Religion exam, so I know a lot about the five pillars of faith, the Quaran e.c.t. and I’m sure tolerance and love your neighbour is in there. I know images should not be made of the Phophet Muhammed, but the Danish guy wasn’t Muslim, so he had every right to ignorance, and I’m sure Islam teaches peace, forgiveness, non-violence and to love your enemy.


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