Amber rocks!

I live near London now, and yesterday (02/10/2010) I decided to make the most of my money whilst I was in minimal debt to Student Finance and go and watch Eddie Jordan (BBC F1 pundit) busk with Luca for Amber.

Anyway, Amber is a small charity based in London which helps young people who are going nowhere to get a new start.

They have a basic, well structured plan to help the young people who are in their care get back on their feet. They will take a young person in for six months in total. Throughout this time they will build up self confidence in themselves, receive councelling for any problems they mgiht have like drugs or alcohol. The charity will then help them build up skills for working and help them find jobs so they can begin a fresh, new, independent start in life. They also maintain a strict policy in that if a person involved with them has not bothered to find a job in the six months they have been with Amber, then they chuck them out – it means they do not waste their money on people who are using Amber as a means of easy housing and not because they genuinely want to get help and back on their feet. It then means that they do not waste their money on pointless cases and can instead concentrate on those who do need their help. Last year, about 84% got back on their feet with jobs and a new life within the six months, so the charity is a really worthwhile cause!

I really liked their little bit of busking, depite EJ being slightly overdressed, and occasioanlly looking like a lost, old man, who has wandered through Camden and turned up at Covent Garden wondering what the hell is going on! I even gave away £4 of my student finance, which they should be greatful for! I also really liked the morals of the charity – there are many, many charities out there catering to children, the homeless, overseas projects, the ill, the infirm, for hospitals and hospices e.c.t. But there are very few who cater for young people; people that sort of age are very timid when it comes to seeking help for their problems – some find it shameful or degrading having to go to a homeless institute at such a young age, and so its great that there is a charity which goes out and helps these people, letting them know that there are people of the same age in them same boat, which can often help ease their problems greatly.

The problem is only going to get worse, and I fear that in five or ten years time, the number of graduates that are homeless and turn to drugs and alcohol because of crippling student debts in going to soar. I’m quite thankful I’m studying a degree with very good job prospects, but for courses like english, the arts, music e.c.t. The job prospects are very little, and often people who have degrees in less academic subjects have to earn money through very gruelling and difficult circumstances – for instance art students who want to stay in art will have to rely on their work being sold. English students may be more reliant on journalism jobs or freelance writing, which is again,  a very subjective and hard area to get into.

I like being a patron for charities I think deserve more attention. I am a huge supporter of the poppy appeal, which get attention for one day a year for about ten minutes. I won’t go into how mad I got at a man in Asda once for not stopping for the minutes silence….Anyway I think this is a great charity, and it needs support because it is only little!

The links to the sites are hear, you can donate on the first one, and find out more about the charity, and on the second, you can get some info on Amber Rocks:

Pictures will be up soon!


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