Who is going to get killed off in ‘The Vampire Diaires’? I think I may just have the answer…


Well, we have been hit with the news that one of the main cast is going to be killed off and is not going to be coming back. Ever. This is a proper death too, not a fleeing-to-the-other-side-of-the-world-on-a-remote-desert-island-with-no-connections-to-civilisation sort of thing. This is for real – no cool rings and no turning into a vampire.

This is hardcore stuff, because all of the main characters are pretty cool, but one of them is going to kick the bucket, so lets look at the candidates and see who is likely to be popping their clogs sometime soon…

  1. Elena – Well, she dies at the hands of Katherine in the book. But, she is then turned into a vampire, so I don’t think it going to be Elena who is going to disappear forever, and besides, Elena + Katherine = great TV. Elena + Stefan = great TV. Elena + Damon = great TV
  2. Damon – Mason is hellbent on revenge all directed in the direction of Damons…but, we have also had news on a new character called Rose who is going to be somewhat of a love interest for Damon later in the series. Plus rumors have been circulating that he and Elena are going to get it on, and the little bit at the end of the last episode where Elena gave him some nice comments is certainly pointing us in that direction. Damon dead? I don’t think so.
  3. Stefan – the increasingly over protective better half to Elena. Has a little bit of a tiff with Katherine, could she end it all for him? Could Damon be the one to drive a stake through his heart for his relations to Elena and Katherine, two women who Damon has long lusted after? Although there are a LOT of possibilities for Stefan being killed, remember, he is drinking human blood now, so I don’t think it going to be Stefan either. Plus the whole thing with Katherine is just too much of luscious storyline to eradicate just yet…
  4. Matt – There has been huge speculation over the internet that it will be Matt who is killed – either by Katherine as revenge for something Caroline will do wrong, or by Caroline herself?! I’m gonna burst the bubble quick by saying that the lovely and very gorgeous Matt is not going to be killed off. A simple IMDB check will show he is in every episode at some point, so it’s not goodbye to Matt! Regardless, there has been no storyline to suggest he might be killed, and has been a very minor character this season compared to last, so even so, there would be no story to lead up to his death.
  5. Caroline – Again, another favorite, and plenty of reasons she could be killed off, but also, she is in every episode in both series (IMDB), so Caroline isn’t going anytime soon either!
  6. Bonnie – Very much in the same boat as Matt, but with no reasons for her to die. In fact, she has more reasons to live; her witchy powers seem to crop up a lot throughout the show, plus like matt she has become a minor character this series and she is in every episode (IMDB), so no bye-bye Bonnie!
  7. Jenna – Unlikely, although if she were to go, her death would almost certainly be at the hands of Katherine, obviously a way to hurt Elena, but IMDB has proved useful once again as she is in all but one episode, and the character involved is going to die soon, so highly unlikely Jenna is going to be the one.
  8. Alaric – Now we are getting onto the hardcore candidates – the people who actually have a good chance of dying. Alaric like Matt and Bonnie has faded into the background more this series, but very soon, he is going to lead a front to kill Katherine with his vast array of vampire killing weapons. seriously, the guy has a insanely big stash of weapons from non-vampire friendly knuckle dusters to stake guns. The likelihood that he will be killed by Katherine in the process is high, particularly as he has links with her little puppet Isobel…But this also gives him reason to be alive, maybe as a form of leverage to Isobel who clearly cares for him, although his emotional links to her are gone when she compelled him and cleared his conscience of her. But on the other hand, he has one of the awsome-and-insanely-cool-bring-back-from-the-dead rings that Jeremy also has, so unless Katherine swiftly removes it from him like she did with John then Alaric is not going to die. plus his links to the Isobel-y researchy stuff might be useful, in the same way Bonnie’s witchy powers are.
  9. Mason – In my opinion, he is the most likely candidate for many, many reasons. Firstly, the creators have a habit of bringing on a huge major character onto the show, then getting rid of them very swiftly – think Anna, John, Pearl – Anna was huge and had the big storyline with Jeremy, then was quickly killed off at the end of the series, as was her mother who took a major role with the tomb vampires and with the device, although her big role was short-lived, and then John came in at the end of series one, caused chaos then was got rid of by Stefan at the beginning of series two. I think Mason is just going to be another short-lived character
  10. Tyler – He has been a much more significant character this series – the whole eye thing at the end of series one gave us a taster of what is to come, but I don’t think we have seen the last of Tyler. Firstly, no one is out to get him and he doesn’t really have any enemies, so no reason for him to die, plus the whole juicy wolfy storyline has been fantastic and I think the weird eyething in the season one finale was just a prelude to a whole new series of events this season involving Tyler, or to put it simply, a sign of things to come. Tyler’s only chances of death are either at the hands of Katherine due to some mistake of his uncles, or by Mason himself. It is certainly a possibility what with Masons rather intimate relationship with Katherine, but I think it would also be in Katherine’s greater interest to kill Mason whilst she has leverage over him, so for now, I think Tyler is going to stay.

ULTIMATE VERDICT: Wise money on Mason, but Alaric is distant second followed by Tyler in third.

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