GET IN THERE!!!!!! (TVD spoilers – you have been warned)

I was eagarly anticipating the new episode of The Vampire Diaries, because we would finally find out which character was about to face the chop, and I don’t mean get circumcised. It was confiremed no too long ago that one of the characters would be gone very shortly, and they would not be returning.

I myself spent hours on forums and a blooming variety of websites that were announcing the news, moaning how logically, and from a producers point fo view, the only person who could be killd off was Mason Lockwood. Of course, most people didn’t read IMDB and thought it was going to be Matt or Caroline. A select few used their brains somewhat and deciphered it would be Tyler or Alaric.

Guess who was right?

Thats right!


Yes, Mason has bitten the dust in The Vampire Diaries.

Honestly, I am glad of this. I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I did a character search on google, and quickly i was informed by many, many news articles and websites that indeed wolfy had popped his clogs. I’m genuinely happy about this too; I even did a dance when I found out. Personally, I hated Mason when he first came onto the show (although he is rather good looking) and he has never grown on me. With Anna last series, I absolutely despised her when she first came on but I came to adore her when she left – kudos go to Malese Jow, the actress who protrayed her, for doing such a fantastic job! Anyway, Mason just never grew on me, I didn’t like his on the show other than when he shut up, took his top off and stood in the background.

If you do read my blog, you will well know that not so long ago I did a little post on the mystery surround the news of a killing off on the show, and I correctly predicted quite a lot that Mason would die.

You know what, actually thinking about it, and the post I wrote, I think I’m probabaly so happy about Masons death because Matt Davis (the guy who plays Alaric) is gorgeous; I have a huge thing for him (and just about every other guy on the show), but I don’t know why because he isn’t the sort I would usually go for. Ultimately, Alaric isn’t dead, and by any standards, he kicks ass! He is like the Buffy the Vampire Slayer of The Vampire Diaries – he badass slays vampires, or wants too anyway, and he has a seriously impressive collection of arms (and not vampire or human ones for those of you who don’t know what arms are. Arms stands for armaments, which are weapons)

Anyway. Mason is dead. I am happy. And…..


An overly excited review of how amazing the track is will follow if McLaren get a one-two.

Adios for now!


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