2010 has been one of the greatest, if not the greatest Formula One season ever. Never has such a battle been so closely fought by such talented men, all feircely competing for the glory of all glories, the world drivers championship. Olympic medal winner, World Cup winners, Boxing champions; all examples of champions whose name remains on peoples tongues for a few weeks before disappearing into the back of their mind. Formula one is different – the name of those who win does not fade away a few weeks after their title – people remember them and their remarkable acheivement, because it is truly remarkable. In the olympics, boxing and the world cup, to name just a selection of examples, there are hundreds of athletes, all with varying degrees of talent, but in Formula One, we have a select group of extemely talented drivers who put more time and effort than anyone can ever imagine into being the champion. Every single man on the grid earnt his plce there through hard work and talent and its remarkable to think that the top 10 men are driving round a circuit within a second or two of each other. If you plucked ten, normal, but equally able people off the streets and put them all in equal formula one cars and told them to race 20 laps round silverstone, the gaps betweenen them by the end of the race would be immense, yet in formula one, men with such differently abled cars can drive so consistantly around a track and stay so close to each other is an incredible feat.

So to 2010, shortly into the 2010 season, it became evident that there were five drivers in contention, and eventually, the close outsider, Sebastian Vettel came to victory.

If I’m honest, he is not my favorite driver, and I do not think he should have won it, but nonetheless, he did and I throughly congratulate him for holding his nerve when it mattered, as he now becomes the youngest ever driver to be a world champion, meaning next season, assuming no former world champions make a return (although some suggested that Jaques villeneuve might return with Stefan GP), we will have five champions on the grid – Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher –  more than any other season, and with teams like Mercedes promising big upgrades for next season, it looks set to get even better.

I also expect we will see some suprising podiums next year – certainly I expect Kobayashi to get a podium or two, Nico Rosberg may just score his first win and we might even see the Torro Rosso of Jaime Alguersuari on the podium next year.

Congratulations to all the teams and driers for making this th most memorable season ever!


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