Top Gear – the new Sachsgate? What a load of b*llocks

ooooh look at captain politically correct, think he know what the whole damn world thinks of Top Gear. Idiot.

Want to know what I’m ranting about? Check out this article on Top Gear and see what I have to say!

 Top Gear is popular all round the world. I have friends and relative all round the world, and I connect with hundred of people from across the globe on twitter. You know what? They all love Top Gear and its humor. Britih humor is different to American humor, or German humor, and as much as we might find one country’s humor mudane, the same if for other countries, and the fact is a lot of people don’t get british humor. With one exception – Top Gear. It’s outrageousness, its difference to other TV shows, its non-politically correct attitude is incredibly popular, and is why it is one of the most popular British exports worldwide. On twitter, I know someone who is mexican: she saw the paticular episode online, and guess what? She loved it! And she showed it to her family, who also loved it.

Aside from the fact that the world over loves it, par maybe a few people who clearly need to grow a set of balls (incidently the same can be said about the guy who wrote the artice), Top gear is viewed my millions in the UK also. Out of the millions who watch it, a few complain If 1 million watched it, and 100 complained, thats only 0.1% complaints! And of course the real number of complaints is much lower, and the views much higher!
Even if top gear did get cancelled, Channel 4 would buy it out anyway. It almost certain it would. Then I would only have to watch the BBC for F1, which is a notoriously uncountrollable programme, and most of the people featured in it (mainly the drivers) swear to their hearts content, whcih is sometime caught on camera, and involves frantic BBC apologising, which is hilarious!


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