2010 has been one of the greatest, if not the greatest Formula One season ever. Never has such a battle been so closely fought by such talented men, all feircely competing for the glory of all glories, the world drivers championship. Olympic medal winner, World Cup winners, Boxing champions; all examples of champions whose name … Continue reading

Why the championship is in Lewis’ hands…

Four men. One coveted Formula One world title. Only one can win it, but who? Abu Dhabi is going to be an truly enthralling race. The practice sessions will become interesting for the first time ever and the whole world will be gripped from the second qualifying starts. However, the story will not be the … Continue reading

Spooky Cocktails: Because Halloween isn’t Just for Kids

Its nearly that time of year…Actually, it been that time of year since vampire mania started in 2008… Anyway, its nearly halloween, and as the title suggests, it isn’t just for kids. One great way to make halloween truly fang-tastic for everyone is cocktails! So, may I present you with my guide to making some … Continue reading

Amber rocks!

I live near London now, and yesterday (02/10/2010) I decided to make the most of my money whilst I was in minimal debt to Student Finance and go and watch Eddie Jordan (BBC F1 pundit) busk with Luca for Amber. Anyway, Amber is a small charity based in London which helps young people who are going … Continue reading

An epic opportunity from Silverstone – This is a must for racing fans…

If you have been keyed in to the happenings of the Silverstone race circuit, you may well know work is currently underway to build a new pit lane, paddock and conference complex. These rather optimistic artists impressions of the new building look impressive so far… What I find funny about the pictures is that the weather … Continue reading

The Renault plot thickens….

So, great news! Renault has a new sponsor for their Formula one team – which is great news for any team, however, it isn’t as simple as it looks, because you may well know that there is much debate going on within Renault and by the media as to who is going to get the … Continue reading

Molte Grazie Sexiest Beast: Round 2

Your fifteen have been chosen, now you have one week to decide the final five. This time you get five votes, and you can use as many or as few of these as you like. The polls are open now, so get voting! In the even of a tie, a short poll will be conducted … Continue reading

Why Ferrari have ruined of Formula One.

Monza 2010. A classic racetrack, and a classic race. And this year was no exception – a gripping fight for the podium fought between ten eager drivers – Alonso and Massa of Ferrari, Button and Hamilton of McLaren, Webber and Vettel of Red Bull, Kubica and Petrov of Renault, and Rosberg and Schumacher of Mercedes, … Continue reading

Thought is a mediocre process…

Yes, it really is. I haven’t really got much up here at the moment, and truth be told, its because I can’t be arsed to not sleep for five les minutes. I have a whole train if winging and shizzle to post, but I cannot, for the life of me, be arsed to write the finishing … Continue reading

The Vampire Diaries Season Two Premier: The Review

Season two premiered on the CW last night (9/9/2010) in the USA. If you missed it however, or you are simply British, then you can view it on the CW website (although, as of yet, it has not added ‘the return’), or it is available to download from the iTunes store priced at £1.89/$1.99 for … Continue reading