2010 has been one of the greatest, if not the greatest Formula One season ever. Never has such a battle been so closely fought by such talented men, all feircely competing for the glory of all glories, the world drivers championship. Olympic medal winner, World Cup winners, Boxing champions; all examples of champions whose name … Continue reading

The Youtube video that made my day…

Anybody up for a good laugh at Fernando Alonso? Check out this video of the world fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi…

Why the championship is in Lewis’ hands…

Four men. One coveted Formula One world title. Only one can win it, but who? Abu Dhabi is going to be an truly enthralling race. The practice sessions will become interesting for the first time ever and the whole world will be gripped from the second qualifying starts. However, the story will not be the … Continue reading

Fernando Alonso look-a-like no.3

                                         Child Catcher                                                           Fernando Alonso For you maths nerds out there… Haha. He fits the bill pretty well. Note to anyone considering asking him to play the child catcher in a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang remake: Do so at your own risk.

Fernando Alonso look-a-like no.2 (This is an epic one)

Bruno Gehard                                                                                 Fernando Alonso Well, I know one of them sometimes dresses in quite silly, over-the-top and garish clothes, occasionally sports a pair of slightly over the top sunglasses, hair products are on the top of his shopping list, is often been spotted wearing strange head wear and his photos make gay men swoon! Guess what? It’s not the … Continue reading

Fernando Alonso look-a-like no.1

Richard Hammond                                                              Fernando Alonso Which is which????

I’m launching an EPIC new catergory!

Due to my commitment of hating and insulting Fernando Alonso, I shall be introducing a new category aim at doing exactly that, insulting him, hating him, laughing at him and just generally moaning at him – he moans enough, now its payback to him! Enjoy! And just to wallow in a pool of my own epicness, … Continue reading