Who is going to get killed off in ‘The Vampire Diaires’? I think I may just have the answer…

WARNING! THERE MIGHT BE A FEW SPOILERS, PATICULARLY┬áIF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOKS, OR ARE ENGLISH AND HAVEN’T DOWNLOADED THE LATEST EPISODES OF ITUNES, SO BEWARE! Well, we have been hit with the news that one of the main cast is going to be killed off and is not going to be coming back. Ever. … Continue reading

The ultimate guide to UCAS: PART ONE

Applying for university can be a tough and tedious time. This guide will definitely help you keep a cool head throughout the whole process, no matter how hard it is. Firstly, you will want to sign up with UCAS before Year 12 finishes, or as soon as you can. The summer holidays are a great … Continue reading