Girls in motorsport: Sabine Schimtz, Danica Patrick and Susie Stoddart

Motor racing is a mans sport, right?   Wrong!   In fact, some of the best racers in the world are women, and I want people to know their faces, because they are at the forefront of motorsport domintation. The first three lovely ladies – and heavyweights of the motoring world – are Sabine Schmitz, Danica Patrick and … Continue reading

Full time F1 blog? Let me know what you think

I’ve been thinking a lot lately and i’m wondering if this should become a full time F1 blog, stay as it is, or gain a new sister, who will archive all my F1 posts and be my full time F1 blog I want to know you thoughts, so, vote on the poll and add your … Continue reading

An epic opportunity from Silverstone – This is a must for racing fans…

If you have been keyed in to the happenings of the Silverstone race circuit, you may well know work is currently underway to build a new pit lane, paddock and conference complex. These rather optimistic artists impressions of the new building look impressive so far… What I find funny about the pictures is that the weather … Continue reading

The Renault plot thickens….

So, great news! Renault has a new sponsor for their Formula one team – which is great news for any team, however, it isn’t as simple as it looks, because you may well know that there is much debate going on within Renault and by the media as to who is going to get the … Continue reading

Kimi’s potential return to Formula One: What his supporters have to say (part one)

Kimi Raikkonen’s potential return to Formula one has sparked great fan interest. As a result, I wanted to find out what fans really think of the possibilty he might return to Formula by scooting around the forums on various Formula One drivers websites and asking a similar set of questions (the questions are changed depending on whose forum. The questions … Continue reading

Fernando Alonso look-a-like no.3

                                         Child Catcher                                                           Fernando Alonso For you maths nerds out there… Haha. He fits the bill pretty well. Note to anyone considering asking him to play the child catcher in a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang remake: Do so at your own risk.

Raikkonen or Petrov: Its the battle of North-East Europeans for the final Renault seat

It has very recently been announced that Kimi Raikkonen is interested in the second seat with the Renault F1 team for 2011. The Finnish former world champion, who quit last year after failing to secure a 2010 race seat following his replacement by Renault driver, Fernando Alonso, stated that he would hope to return to … Continue reading

Fernando Alonso look-a-like no.2 (This is an epic one)

Bruno Gehard                                                                                 Fernando Alonso Well, I know one of them sometimes dresses in quite silly, over-the-top and garish clothes, occasionally sports a pair of slightly over the top sunglasses, hair products are on the top of his shopping list, is often been spotted wearing strange head wear and his photos make gay men swoon! Guess what? It’s not the … Continue reading

Fernando Alonso look-a-like no.1

Richard Hammond                                                              Fernando Alonso Which is which????

I’m launching an EPIC new catergory!

Due to my commitment of hating and insulting Fernando Alonso, I shall be introducing a new category aim at doing exactly that, insulting him, hating him, laughing at him and just generally moaning at him – he moans enough, now its payback to him! Enjoy! And just to wallow in a pool of my own epicness, … Continue reading