Top Gear – the new Sachsgate? What a load of b*llocks

ooooh look at captain politically correct, think he know what the whole damn world thinks of Top Gear. Idiot. Want to know what I’m ranting about? Check out this article on Top Gear and see what I have to say!  Top Gear is popular all round the world. I have friends and relative all … Continue reading

The Alternative Formula One 2010 Awards

So, bored of the predicatbility of other Formula One 2010 awards? Welcome to my alternative! This is not entirely serious, more fun than anything I shall get a more serious roundup of the seaon underway in early December, because we all need something to fill the gap. The winner of each category will be in … Continue reading

Why the championship is in Lewis’ hands…

Four men. One coveted Formula One world title. Only one can win it, but who? Abu Dhabi is going to be an truly enthralling race. The practice sessions will become interesting for the first time ever and the whole world will be gripped from the second qualifying starts. However, the story will not be the … Continue reading

GET IN THERE!!!!!! (TVD spoilers – you have been warned)

I was eagarly anticipating the new episode of The Vampire Diaries, because we would finally find out which character was about to face the chop, and I don’t mean get circumcised. It was confiremed no too long ago that one of the characters would be gone very shortly, and they would not be returning. I myself … Continue reading

Spooky Cocktails: Because Halloween isn’t Just for Kids

Its nearly that time of year…Actually, it been that time of year since vampire mania started in 2008… Anyway, its nearly halloween, and as the title suggests, it isn’t just for kids. One great way to make halloween truly fang-tastic for everyone is cocktails! So, may I present you with my guide to making some … Continue reading

Raikkonen or Petrov: Its the battle of North-East Europeans for the final Renault seat

It has very recently been announced that Kimi Raikkonen is interested in the second seat with the Renault F1 team for 2011. The Finnish former world champion, who quit last year after failing to secure a 2010 race seat following his replacement by Renault driver, Fernando Alonso, stated that he would hope to return to … Continue reading

Molte Grazie Sexiest Beast: Round 2

Your fifteen have been chosen, now you have one week to decide the final five. This time you get five votes, and you can use as many or as few of these as you like. The polls are open now, so get voting! In the even of a tie, a short poll will be conducted … Continue reading

The Vampire Diaries Season Two Premier: The Review

Season two premiered on the CW last night (9/9/2010) in the USA. If you missed it however, or you are simply British, then you can view it on the CW website (although, as of yet, it has not added ‘the return’), or it is available to download from the iTunes store priced at £1.89/$1.99 for … Continue reading

Molte Grazie Sexiest Beast: Round 1

Vote for your sexiest beast!

X-factor, Nicole Scherzinger e.c.t

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of the X-factor. UK singing talent shows are hopeless wastes of time and money. I prefer foreign versions – Tom Dice, AKA Tom Eeckhout, was runner up in the Belgian version of the X-factor and 6th place in Eurovision 2010; he writes his own songs in English, he plays his own instruments … Continue reading